HIGH HAND PROMOTION=$50 every half hour from 3pm-10pm Mon-Wed.  ALSO, $100 High Hand payouts Mon-Thu and Sat from 12pm-3pm.  NEW $50 EVERY 1/2 HOUR High Hand Payouts Saturday and Thursday 3pm-6pm. 100% Payout on the Monte Carlo Board when there are no High Hand Payouts.  Plus a Progressive Monte Carlo Board for Quads, Straight and Royal Flushes.With our Monte Carlo payouts and High Hands daily, there’s always something going on!  Not to mention a Bad Beat Jackpot at $5,000.

We Start the day MON-SAT at 11am with a TIME-LIMITED No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Tournament, buy-in with $20 and optional $15 re-buys.  Then we follow up with 3/6 Limit Hold’Em and an additional 4/8 added later in the day, the poker room is always hopping.

Every Monday night @ 6pm is a $50 Hold’em Tournament!  ALSO on Monday nights 2-2 No-Limit Hold’em with $5o minimum buy-in and max $200.

NOW FOR YOU LADIES ONLY-the first Thursday of every month @ 7pm is our Ladies Only $15 Buy-in/$5 Re-buy No-Limit Poker Tournament.  Ladies can enjoy $5 Glass of wine or $6 Martini Special also on Thursday Nights beginning at 6pm.  We also have $2 SLIDERS.

THURSDAY NIGHTS we also offer 4×8 with half-kill OMAHA Hi/Lo split game @ 6pm.

Friday Nights at 7pm Limit Hold’em 6×12 w/ 10×20 Kill.  At 7:30 1×3 No-Limit Hold’em w/ $100 min buy-in with $300 max buy-in.

Every Saturday the Poker room has a $100 Buy-in Hold’em Tournament @ 4pm.  Also on Saturday nights 1-3 No-Limit Hold’em @ 7pm.  $100 min buy-in with $300 max buy-in.

Sunday is our day to change things up and challenge our players. Try OMAHA starting at 11am! This poker game is not for the weak-hearted, it is a challenging game, and explosive fun.


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